Welcome to the Bluegrass Music Association of Iowa website.  We hope that we can provide you with great information regarding bluegrass shows, festivals, recording and duplication, bands, and much more.  BMAI was founded in 2009 by Lori King and Uncle Billy Dunbar.  Our committee consists of Brenda Smith, Joe King, Sharon Dunbar, Aaron Bradley, Dan Clemmons, Kelli Kingrey, and Annie Savage


BMAI is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization & donations are tax deductible.


Maybe Lori knows where it all begins, but as for me at my age it’s  hard to really pin it down.  But I think it may have been somewhere between the first times I met Lori over a steak at the Texas Roadhouse  in Des Moines a few year back. We had first traded words over the Internet when she would pop in and out of the chat room during my Bluegrass Show on WWB.www.worldwidebluegrass.com  Or to think a little deeper, I have to do that sometimes because at this age we have to stir the gray matter more to really unlock the really deep stuff, if you know what I mean?

 It could have been at Strawberry Point Bluegrass Festival over a piece of her Banana Pie too. Naw, it  had to been back at the Texas Roadhouse after the Johnson Bluegrass with the Special Consensus, Here we are back at the Steak house again, she really likes that place.  

Then there was that gig that the Bluegrass Addiction did at Silver Dollar City in 2008. Or was it at Bloomfield? One thing we came to agreement with, was that there was a need for some type of Association to make what was available to both the Band’s and also the General Public in the way of Bluegrass entertainment in Iowa, along with some type of medium for exposing the Bands to the Festival promoter’s.

A Festival in Iowa was also discussed and what would be the name of this organization? That wasn't as easy as it appeared as there where B’s,M’s, I’s and A’s and you know how many group’s have all those in their synonyms? And so the BMAI seed was sowed. Anyway if you’re reading this, it must have happened and it’s on its way. Welcome to you all and may it live long and prosper and benefit all of us who enjoy Bluegrass music in Iowa or anywhere else for that matter. 

Uncle Billy Dunbar

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